It was a long time ago when Passon still young apprehended the technique of coating practicing with tempera on cardboard that, for their quick realisation, everyone admired. Soon Passon turned to oil on canvas experimenting the endless possibilities of colour and the brightness that is characteristic.

Nowadays Passon makes his drawings ( mainly portraits, still life, foreshortened views of Venice, and various compositions) on ready made plates, with the bottom of coloured chalk based on the different pigments that will be then used. The subsequent texture is then smoothed to obtain an even surface without any unevenness so that the pencil can best trace the signs that will give way to every composition. In various portraits Passon uses mixed techniques with gold foil to personally elaborate the background that sometimes from narrative it becomes decorative to underline the psychological and introspective research of the person portrayed.

Observing the actual paintings of Passon you can notice that the texture of the colour considers every need of the subject; the smooth and velvety strokes accent the game of transparencies while the thick and bold ones or those with some roughness result decisive in simulating particular aspects of every single painting as happens with the plastering of some old Venetian palace. The passing of time will give every single painting a special feeling that will exalt the nuances of colour and in the same time will even out every composition.

The works of Licio Passon face Time, in the incomparable splendour of their colours, where he combines a happy mixture of resemblances and shapes, memories and emotions, destined to never end.

Giovanna Calvo Di Ronco


Licio Passon
via Dante 84/a - 33061 - Rivignano / Teor (UD)
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