Still Life

Still life with red lantern

Tightly tied to the need of joining harmony and “lucidua ordo“, we can consider Passon’s main objective as the “painting of the humble truth”, still nature: a genre in which the painter combines the extremes of adorn and sober; the preciousness of sumptuous colours and the elegant simplicity of the single compositions; he stresses the line of drawing, on the research of particular lighting effects, on the representation of different materials so as to render roughness, in an enveloping luminosity which gives adhesion to the various elements of the composition which are never equal.

Giovanna Calvo Di Ronco


Licio Passon
via Dante 84/a - 33061 - Rivignano / Teor (UD)
Cod.Fisc. PSS LCI 65R01 L483Q
P.Iva 01983160308